DigiBoil Electric Kettle - 35L/9.25G (110v)


The DigiBoil electric kettle can serve a surprisingly wide range of functions. It's perfect for 5-gallon extract batches, preheating strike or sparge water, and with the addition of a still top lid and condenser, it can be used for home distilling.

This model runs off 110v power and has dual heating elements (1000w and 600w) that can be controlled independently. Includes 304 stainless steel 1/2" ball valve with 13mm barb (approx. 1/2").


  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 9 gallon total capacity
  • Digital temperature control
  • 110v power and plug (5 ft. cord)
  • Stamped-in volume markers (gallons & liters)
  • Temperature reads in °F or °C
  • With elements turned off, hold both +/- buttons to switch between °F or °C
  • Compatible with reflux and pot still (DS130 & DS120)*
  • External Dimensions: 29" H x 15" W (including handles)
  • Internal Dimensions: 19.5" H x 11.75" W


The DigiBoil is not intended to be used as an electric all-grain mash tun. Suspending a mesh bag or adding grain directly to the unit will obstruct the internal temperature probe, causing the unit to automatically shut off the heating elements.

On melting wax - The DigiBoil is not intended to be used to melt wax but many users susccessfully use it for that purpose. If you do choose to melt wax with the DigiBoil, it may void the warranty. For best results, please follow the guidlines:

  1. Melt wax at the lowest temperature possible. Wax starts to melt at about 55 C.
  2. Use very small amounts of wax so that the temperature in the pot stays as close to uniform as possible. The higher you fill the Digiboil with wax, the more likely it is to overheat.
  3. Stir frequently to distribute the heat and to avoid overheating at the bottom.
  4. Closely monitor the heat and turn off the elements with the switch instead of relying on the temperature controller. This will prevent overheating and make sure that the onboard safety features don't lock out the user.