Distillers Carbon - 195 g Bag



BC 20 X 50S A specially formulated blend of high quality virgin activated carbon from selected grades of coconut shell, which is granular in form, it is ideal for many liquid phase applications. Its superior level of hardness makes it cleaner than most other carbons and gives it longer life expectancy. Certified by the NSF, it is suitable for drinking water, food grade liquids and distillate applications. Suitable for use in most filter systems including Z and N types carbon filters for treating spirit and ethanol. Low dust to prevent filter clogging.


195 Gram Package for the use in “Z” and “N” carbon filters. Treats approx. 45-55 litres of 40%  spirit.



Mesh size – 20×50, %: 90 (min)

Less than No.20, %: 5 (max)

Greater than No. 50, %: 5 (max)

Iodine No., mg/g: 1100 (min)

Surface Area, m2/g: 1100 (min)

Hardness, %: 98 (min)

Ash Total, %: 4.0 (max)

Moisture, % (as packaged): 5.0 (max)

Typical Density, lbs./cu.ft.: 29-33 g/cc: 0.46-0.53