KegLand Core 360 Mini CO2 Regulator


The analog gauge is removable and can be swapped out with a gauge of a different pressure range or it can be swapped out for the Digital Mini Pressure Gauge


The heavy-duty chrome-plated solid cast brass body will stand up to years of abuse, and is well-suited to protect the mini pressure gauge. A unique 2-step cartridge installation process results in zero gas loss. First the cartridge is fully threaded into the unit to form a seal before it's opened, then the actuator pin is threaded down to puncture the cartridge and release gas into the regulator. The included bushing adapter is ready to accept 16g 3/8"-24 UNF threaded cartridges, and with a simple adapter you can switch to 74-gram 5/8"-18 UNF threaded cartridges.


The gas outlet can be swapped between a female flare connection for flare ball lock disconnects and a 6.5mm Duotight-compatible barb for use with draft line. The barb is a great option for dispensing commercial kegs. There are also two potential outlets at either the side or the front of the regulator. This makes it easy to orient the regulator depending on whether you're using plastic or stainless steel ball lock disconnects.


If you remove the 16g cartridge bushing, you'll find TR21-4 female threads for use with SodaStream gas cylinders. These can be a great option for mobile dispensing— they provide much more gas than a CO2 cartridge and are more easily transported than a full CO2 tank.



KegLand Core 360 Mini Regulator

6.5mm Duotight-compatible hose barb

Female Flare Fitting for MFL Disconnects

Port end cap

65psi Green PRV

SodaStream to 16g thread bushing

KegLand Part Number: KL20404


Warning: Do not overtighten onto your cylinder. It is recommended that you use a spanner to hold the neck of your SodaStream cylinder while attaching and detaching the Mini 360 Core Actuator Regulator