Shank 3.5 inch - 1/4 inch barb


Faucet shanks allow you to mount a draft faucet just about anywhere. Typically installed in the door or wooden collar of of a converted fridge/freezer, the front of a cooler. 

Once installed your beer line connects to the back of the shank and a faucet attaches to the front. Shanks are available in a range of sizes to accommodate mounting on materials of varying thicknesses. 

The shank’s listed size refers to the total length of threaded pipe. Approximately 1 1/8” are needed to account for the thickness of the finishing collar on the front and the space for the locknut on the back. Please take this into account when sizing the shank for your project.

Features a welded 1/4” barb and includes a glossy black plastic collar and locknut. Requires a 1” hole for installation.



4-1/4" - Total Length (Tip to Tip)

3-1/2" - Shank Length (Without Nipple)

2-5/8" - Thread Length

2-3/8" - Pass Through Length