TY48 Turbo Yeast 1 kg


Used to produce a range of alcoholic beverages and will provide a more natural, smooth, fuller flavor than using potable distilled alcohol (GNS).

Containing complete, chemically defined macro and micro nutrition blended with vigorous, temperature tolerant active dried distillers yeast; TY48 is capable of fermenting pure glucose-based sugar syrups such as “95DE” to 20% ABV in 7 days with no additional nutritional requirements.

TY48 can be used to ferment any fermentable sugar-based feedstock but is especially recommended for the fermentation of pure glucose-based feedstocks such as 95DE glucose syrup.

TY48 contains fermentation activators to ensure a rapid start to fermentation; this combined with very low bacterial content eliminates the potential for bacterial spoilage where good plant hygiene is observed.