3 Gallon Revolution Starter Kit


Skip malt extract! Start your first batch of craft beer using the same ingredients found at your favourite brewery. No need for fancy equipment or dedicated space. This 3-Gallon kit is perfect for stove-top brewing when space is limited.

Included in the Revolution kit:

  • 19 L stainless steel pot
  • 11.5 L PET Fermonster Carboy (Glass carboys are availble as an upgrade in-store only)
  • 19 L mesh bag (for Brew In A Bag)
  • 9 feet of siphon hose with a shut-off clamp
  • 3-foot blow-off hose
  • Hydrometer and testing jar
  • Airlock and bung
  • One Step Sanitizer
  • Instruction guide

Benefits of the Revolution Kit:

  • No Malt Extract – The 3-gallon Brew In A Bag (BIAB) technique allows you to brew all-grain beer right out of the gate.
  • Save Space – No need for a mash tun! You’ll mash your grain in a nylon strainer bag.
  • Less Work – You’ll get a single fermenter (PET carboy). We don’t give you a pail to use as a “primary fermenter” because, quite frankly, that’s not how we like to brew. Skip transferring to a secondary fermenter and minimize risk of contamination and oxidation. Your 19 L pot doubles as a bottling bucket.
  • More Variety – With so many great recipes out there, why commit to 6 gallons? The smaller batch size encourages experimentation – which is the heart of this hobby.
  • Sound complicated? Don’t worry, our instructions will guide you from mash to bottle. And we’re just a phone-call away!

Please Note: Traditionally, the standard recipe size is 6 US Gallons (23 L). 6 gallon equipment kits are available at Barley's but not sold online due to the logistic complications of shipping. If you would like a 6 gallon equipment kit, please come to the store or contact us by email.