Oxygen Aeration System w/ 2 micron Stone


Aeration is beneficial because it supplies yeast cells with oxygen needed for reproduc tion and fermentation. This system includes an aerator pump, sanitary air filter and 2 micron diffusion stone. Aerate wort after it has been chilled and before yeast is pitched.

Instructions (no assembly required)

Sanitize the Diffusion Stone and Tubing: Immerse tubing in a sanitizer solution The stone can be immersed in sanitizer solution, boiled, or baked for 15 minutes to sterilize it (see CAUTION box below).


Aerate the Chilled Wort: When the temperature of the wort is 80°F or cooler, lower the diffusion stone into the fermenter so that it is at or near the bottom Keep the aerator pump and cord dry. Begin aerating the wort by plugging the pump in. You will need to keep an eye on your wort during aeration as the wort tends to foam In cases of extreme excess foam, unplug the aerator briefly to let it settle. Aerate wort for 30 minutes prior to pitching yeast for best results.


Cleaning and Storage: Rinse stone and outside of tubing that was in wort (tubing from filter to pump does not need to be rinsed) with clean water after use. You may also wish to soak them in a solution of a cleanser such as PBW. Allow to dry thoroughly before storing. Keep the diffusion stone in a clean plastic bag, CAUTION NEVER HANDLE THE DIFFUSION STONE WITH BARE HANDS WEAR GLOVES OR USE A CLEAN CLOTH WHEN TOUCHING STONE SKIN OILS CAN CLOG THE FINE PORES