Mash King 10 Gallon Heavy Duty Stainless Steel "Tall" Brew Kettle with Ball Valve and Thermometer.

  • The Mash King 10 Gallon Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tall Kettle is the "Tall Boy" kettle that you know and love, but now with the Mash King branding. It maintains all the great features that it previously had as the "Tall Boy", making it a must have for brewers of all levels.
  • This tall proportioned brew pot is specifically designed for homebrewing with an optimal ratio of 1.2 (height to diameter). The science indicates this is the ultimate ratio for promoting a vigorous boil (helpful in volatilizing off-flavours) and minimizing losses from evaporation.
  • These Heavy Duty kettles feature a 4mm tri-clad bottom. Aluminum is sandwiched in between stainless steel to create a thicker base that reduces hot spots and minimizes scorching. A high quality kettle for the serious homebrewer.
  • Induction ready
  • 10 Gallon Tall Kettle Approximate Dimensions: 13.3" Wide x 16" Tall.
  • Ball valve and thermometer require simple installation upon receiving the product. Teflon tape (not included) is necessary for nipple and thermometer threading to prevent any leaks.