This collection of mesophilic heirloom yogurt starters can be cultured right on your counter at room temperature, so it’s easy to make these re-usable varieties.

  • Each box contains 2 packets of each culture: Viili, Filmjölk, Piimä, and Matsoni (see more below).
  • Activate 1 packet using 1-2 cups pasteurized milk (store 2nd packet in the freezer as a back-up).
  • Cultures on the countertop at room temperature, 70º-77ºF, no appliance required.
  • Suitable for use with pasteurized whole milk and with raw dairy milk or non-dairy milk, with special care.
  • Avoid ultra-pasteurized or UHT milk.
  • Reusable culture: a small amount of each batch can be used to make the next batch and recultures from batch to batch indefinitely.

Heirloom Starter Cultures Included in the Box

  • Viili Starter Culture (5200): A Finnish yogurt variety, Viili is very mild and creamy, with a fairly thick consistency. It’s a versatile favorite that’s perfect on its own or in any yogurt recipe.
  • Filmjölk Starter Culture (5201): Another Finnish variety, Filmjölk has a tangy flavor reminiscent of cheese and a custard-like texture. It’s great with fresh fruit or over pie. Kids love it!
  • Matsoni Starter Culture (5202):  Matsoni, from The Republic of Georgia, has a thin, custard-like texture with notes of honey. Its flavor is the most “yogurty” and is a popular choice for frozen yogurt.
  • Piimä Starter Culture (5203): Piimä, a Scandinavian variety, is very thin and drinkable with a mild flavor. Culture it with cream instead of milk to make a tasty sour cream-like topping.

Ingredients and Allergen Information

  • Organic milk, live active cultures.
  • This product contains no GMO ingredients.
  • Manufactured in a facility that also produces products containing soy and dairy.
  • Gluten-free


  • Refrigeration recommended.
  • Use by date on box.