Thermophilic Culture


Each bag contains:

4 packets of starter culture.

2 rennet tablets


Avoid using ultra-pasteurized or UHT milk.

Direct-set (single-use) culture, no maintenance required.

Store in the refrigerator or freezer.

Use by date on bag.

What is a Direct-Set Culture?

Direct-Set cultures are a one-time-use culture, they cannot be recultured (i.e. perpetuated beyond the single batch).  Direct-Set cultures are often preferred by cheese makers as they require no maintenance or care.  Simply keep the packet in the freezer and remove the portion for your recipe when it's time to make cheese. Most Direct-Set cultures contain multiple doses to inoculate multiple batches.

Thermophilic Direct-Set Starter Culture Ingredients

Sucrose, Maltodextrins, Lactic bacteria (S.thermophilus)

Thermophilic Direct-Set Starter Culture Allergen Information

Packaged in a facility that produces products containing soy and dairy.